Meet The Characters!

Meet the characters!





Scooter is the main character of the webcomic. He is a cat that is cute, but not very bright. He also does funny things with his tail, such as it poofing up when he's frightened, or it vibrating when he's excited. His favorite toys are laser lights and sticks with a bell and feathers on the end, and he likes to watch fish. For whatever reason, he also hates night lights.




Squeaky is Scooter's adopted older sister. She is smarter than him, and she is not as mischievous as her little brother. She can jump really high, and she takes advantage of that when Scooter tries to "play" with her. Her favorite toy is laser lights, and she likes to watch birds. She likes watching birds because she was born outside, and when she was little and still living outside, her favorite snack was a delicious bird.